Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck on You: Tables, Numbers & Our Big Mistake

As people were being seated after the extra-happy hour ended, the cafe lights above us started to glow.

Our tables were set up just like I had pictured. No huge view obstructing centerpieces here (which I didn't want and would have looked ridiculous at our venue).

Our centerpieces were put together by our venue coordinator (who was a superwoman of a lady-not only coordinating at the venue, but supervising the cooking and doing all the flowers for the location).

The tables also featured the fabric napkins my mom and I had sewed, and the green burlap table runners that Mr. Pin Cushion had cut.

When everyone was being seated, Mr. Pin Cushion and I became aware of a BIG mistake. See those lovely table numbers? The ones I painstakingly made with ric-rac and a hot glue gun? Well somehow, there were not enough tables or table numbers for our guests.

I still am a little perplexed about how it happened (and don't try to think about it too hard, or my face starts to burn with shame), but we were short a table. Meaning that 6 of our guests were wandering around knowing that they were at table 17, but there. was. no. table. 17.

We had left our guests stranded. When the coordinator came over to tell us, I was so embarrassed and a small ball of rage formed in my chest (you know that feeling?). I instinctually blamed Mr. Pin Cushion. It was not a pretty five minutes. Thankfully, someone grabbed extra chairs and shoved them into other tables and everyone eventually found a seat, but not before I didn't feel like an awful bride and an awful hostess.

How the proper number of tables got by myself, Mr. Pin Cushion and our coordinator is a mystery, but it still is the one major problem that pops into my mind every time I think of the wedding. My parents didn't get to sit together at the same table at my wedding, for goodness sake! But (hopefully), it is a detail that most of our misplaced guests have forgotten by now. 

Have you seen any big mistakes happen at any weddings? Have you had any near misses in your own wedding planning? (Please console me with stories, friends.)

All photos, unless otherwise noted, by the fabulous Weaver House 

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