Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck on You: Milk and Cookies

The Pin Cushions are cookie freaks. Freaky for cookies. To satisfy our freakiness, we had a cookie table at our wedding. You guys (or WeddingBee peeps many years ago . . .) helped me pick the cookie flavors.

Our guests could choose between: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, Russian teacakes, Nutella blondies and chewy gingersnaps.

Some people chose to eat one (or more) of each option.

Sadly, I only have one photo of the entire table. I've looked through all of my professional photos, all of the photos sent to me from friends and family, and this is the only one that I can find. Which is a bummer, consider we spent a LOT of hours baking those cookies. But people definitely enjoyed them, and (I suppose) the point is not to have great photos, but to give people a good experience.

Now for some beauty shots of the treats.

Our young guests (and maybe some not young guests [like me]) enjoyed the chocolate milk set up at the cookie table.

If you could have only one type of cookie for the rest of your life, what kind would it be? (If you have a recipe, please share it!) Mine would definitely be the chocolate chip cookies we made for the wedding (recipe from the NY Times and Jacque Torres).

All photos by the fabulous Weaver House 

Pin Cushion Flashback:
The gals hit up the salon. Then, the gang gets dressed. We have a sob-filled first look.
Our wedding party poses with kids' murals. And we make them wear fake noses and hold balloons.
The cermony site gets pimped out. I have an emotional breakdown before walking down the aisle. The Pin Cushions get married. We're happy at happy hour. We have an unconventional guest book and give guests strawberry plant favors. We strand our guests without a table. Speech, Speech!

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