Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck on You: Our Guestbook

We wanted our guestbook to be fun, and filled with more than just people's signatures (25% of which we probably wouldn't be able to read anyway). So we asked people to be a bit more artistic, poetic and imaginative than would have been required by a normal guestbook. Or wise. Being wise was an option too.

We asked our guests to write, draw, rap, sketch, or use a pencil in a way yet unknown to us on a card and to place that card in an envelope. (The envelope portion of our guest book was inspired by a favorite kid's of mine, The Jolly Postman [does anyone else remember that book?].)

Since we had an unconventional guest book, we did provide our guests with a (cheeky) instruction sheet, as well as some colored pencils to get their creative juices flowing.

Our guests gave us such fabulous advice on life and on marriage. We're trying to take them all to heart (which is hard since a few contradict each other [but we love a good challenge]).

Here are a few of the true gems. . .

1. "My only advice - don't go to bed mad at each other. It makes getting up the next morning awful." Hard advice to follow when you're in a fight and really ticked off, but also really tired!

2. "Chris is handsome, Kendra voluptual; the signs bode well, for a prosperous nuptial." Proverb or not, I am impressed someone was able to whip that out on the spot!

3. Now this one is very important. "If your wife is happy, everyone is happy." Hear, hear!

4. "Enjoy the journey." We're trying! (Also, I just like the rainbow.)

5. I particularly like the "P.S. eat cake!" And despite the simplicity of the "Be nice!" card, it is surprisingly difficult at times (much harder than eating cake).

6. Now this one has a whole wealth of great advice!! "King beds make great marriages!" "No accounting!" And, "Do not buy a tandem bike!"

7 and 8. But then we're told to throw out all of that advice and only listen to each other. We've spent the first few years of our marriage trying to reconcile the differing advice from our guests . . .

Are you having a guest book? Are you doing something unconventional?

Good photos by the fabulous Weaver House. (Cruddy photos [ie close ups on black and white fabric] done by me.)

Pin Cushion Flashback:
The gals hit up the salon. Then, the gang gets dressed. We have a sob-filled first look.
Our wedding party poses with kids' murals. And we make them wear fake noses and hold balloons.
The cermony site gets pimped out. I have an emotional breakdown before walking down the aisle. The Pin Cushions get married. We're happy at happy hour. 

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