Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck On You: Strawberry Favors Forever

Mr. Pin Cushion and I couldn't have discussed wedding favors more than once or twice during our entire planning process. They were never a high priority and very easily could have gone the way of out of town guest bags (as in, never thought to make them and never did). With that sentiment, when we did finally discuss what our favors should be, neither of us wanted to spend much of our budget on them.

I wanted something edible, and Mr. PC wanted something more long lasting. We found something that fit both our criteria when my mom suggested strawberry plants.

The strawberry plants were quite the budget favors. We bought strawberry plants from a local garden store (we tried to only pick the pretty ones with green leaves, but the heat in the days leading up to the wedding resulted in some browning and shriveling [we gave the uglier plants to people we knew wouldn't care]).

Each 6-pack of strawberry plants cost about $4.99, so that's less than a dollar per plant.

The rest of the project involved items I already had from prior projects: red and white twine, card stock, wood skewers, rubber "Thanks" stamp, fabric scraps and colored tissue paper.

Photos from Garden Harvest Supply //Museum of Useful Things //Hygloss Products

A few days before the wedding, we spent a couple of hour in an assembly line of plant preparation. There was a lot of watering, clipping and tying as well as debating who would get the ugly plants.

(personal photos)

Around each plant was a tag thanking the guests for coming, as well as instructions on the back on how to care for the strawberry plant.

(personal photos)

Our plants also doubled as place cards for guests.

Only after we had bought all of the plants and were labeling them with guests' names did I realize that it would be near impossible for out of town guests to bring home their strawberry favors. Oops. Minor oversight. I suppose they could have carried them onto a plane and baby sat them for the duration of the flight, but I doubt anyone was that dedicated. It resulted in locals guests each being able to take home a few plants.

Besides our traveling guests being overlooked, our favors turned out well. A lot of sweet friends have emailed me photos of their strawberries in bloom a year later. (Let's ignore the fact that the Pin Cushion strawberry plants died almost immediately. Fingers crossed it has not correlation to the health of our marriage.)

What are your favors going to be? Try to think about your out of town guests so yours aren't ripped off like mine were!

All photos, unless otherwise noted, by the fabulous Weaver House 

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