Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck on You: Dance the Night Away

I applaud couples who are organized enough to start dance lessons months before the wedding. The Pin Cushions were not nearly this with-it. In fact, not only did we not take any dance lessons, we 1) didn't even rehearse once, 2) didn't pick our first dance song until a few days before the wedding.

Perhaps that lack of preparation led to us looking a bit bewildered on the dance floor.

But once the band started playing the song we (finally) picked ("I Got You, Babe" by Sonny and Cher), we started to get in the groove.

And before long, we were having a rip roaring good time.

Mr. PC wowed everyone (including me) at the end of the song with a very suave dip-and-kiss move.

The father-daughter dance was next, and I was scared my dad and I would become a blubbering mess together. But I needn't have worried! My dad brought the dance moves (the spin, the pseudo-dip, the arms over your head, the promenade [are you impressed with my made up dance move names?]), leaving us no time for tears!

In the span of about 3 minutes, my dad managed to spin me 28 times. That is an impressive statistic. Watch the video to witness the spinning action. Also not to be missed in the video: me putting my heel through my hoop skirt and getting stuck, requiring assistance from my maid of honor. That can be spotted at 0:48 (the spinning needs no time stamp, as it's occurring every three seconds or so).

After the wild father-daughter dance, Mr. Pin Cushion slowed it down a bit with his mom. I think he was more nervous about dancing with his mom than he had been for our first dance song! His mom was a professional ballerina, so he knew if they stumbled, it could only be pinned on him (where as when he was dancing with me, I have the combo of: no rhythm and two left feet, so a fall could easily be blamed on me).

Despite the nerves, they danced fabulously to James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend".

At this point, the rest of our friends and family had a move. So they went on the dance floor to bust it!

We'd had concerns with having an early-ish wedding that it would still be light out and people wouldn't dance. And while some people didn't, I think those people wouldn't have wanted to dance no matter the circumstances.

Looking back, I think 2 things helped get people on the dance floor. 1) The bride and groom having a good time (which we did-trust me, I danced with everybody!). And 2) A live band. Our band was a splurge for us (The Full Tilt Band- [they were reasonably priced, but anything is expensive compared to a free i-pod]), but I think the energy they brought to the wedding day was priceless!

We had such a great time, and probably lost a collective 20 pounds of sweat (it was so hot in the barn and people were really getting their groove on).

All photos by the fabulous Weaver House 

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