Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck on You: (Extra) Happy Hour

After the ceremony, we didn't waste any time with taking photos. We had done all of our group and family photography earlier in the day, which meant we were free to play!

We told awesome stories.

We hung out by the water. One of these people might have fallen (jumped) into the pond later. I don't want to point any fingers (but it was totally that little boy!).

We played croquet.

We imbibed refreshments (Fat Tire and Stella Artois along with red and white wines which we debated over for weeks [seriously, weeks] and now I can't even remember what they were).

And we ate delicious food (or like Iris, the girl below, we tried to steal other people's food).

Taking photos before the ceremony was one of the best decisions we made about the wedding. It allowed us to spend an extra hour and a half with our guests that would be have otherwise been spent posing in the same position with different people filtering in and out of the periphery. Plus, this way, we got to indulge in sausages and baked brie!

Are you planning on attending your own happy hour?

All photos by the fabulous Weaver House 

Pin Cushion Flashback:
The gals hit up the salon. Then, the gang gets dressed. We have a sob-filled first look.
Our wedding party poses with kids' murals. And we make them wear fake noses and hold balloons.
The cermony site gets pimped out. I have an emotional breakdown before walking down the aisle. The Pin Cushions get married. 

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