Monday, December 13, 2010

Then & Now: P to the C

Have you ever started looking through old photos with the intention of just perusing for a minute, then suddenly it's 2 hours later and photos are covering the floor in a 5 foot radius around you? Happens to me every time. This past time, I was looking for high school photos for this here post, and came found this gem:

I've been training for Weddingbee for years!

I actually did a "Now & Then" post before it became a series (right here). But this post will be a bit more egocentric and focus on . . . ME!

In high school, I was a bit of a goody goody. I don't think I skipped a single class. I got good grades. I wore suspenders and pocket protectors (okay, fibbing on the pocket protectors, but I seriously sported suspenders a lot). I didn't get a hotel room after prom. I played preppy sports. Nowadays, I'm still a goody goody, but I know how to have more fun then I did back then!

THEN: I was on the tennis and track and field teams in high school. I loved the ribbons I got to wear in my ponytail for all of my matches!

Spiffin' up the tennis court during a school match.

I ran in triathlons (does that count as preppy?). My friends ran the other legs, because let's be real, I would have fallen on my face if I had to bike ("you never forget how to ride a bike" does not apply to me) or drowned if I had to swim a mile.


The only organized sport I play nowadays is flag football. Our team, Happy Ending Bed Baths, didn't win any games, but we definitely had the most enthusiasm.

THEN: I didn't drink a lick of alcohol in high school. I didn't go to wild parties. I didn't do drugs.

My crazy Y2K celebration involved spending the night with my best friend, donning awesome headbands and playing board games.

NOW: While I still love a good board game, I've also learned to enjoy a cocktail or two.

Who could turn down a cocktail that you get to drink with 2 foot straws?!

I'm still a lightweight and a glass of wine may or may not make me tipsy (though that wine stain was caused by a rude gentleman, and was not my own doing).

THEN: The craziest shenanigans I got into were going to a double feature but only paying for one movie (unlawful!), or hanging out in my room with Mr. PC with the door closed (shocking!). Or doing weird things with food. . .

Like putting a piece of spaghetti up my nose and coughing it out my mouth (yes, that's what's going on in the above photo [and yes, I did that on purpose]).

NOW: I'm smart enough now to not take photos of myself in crazy shenanigans (just kidding, I just figured all of you readers would have cooler shenanigans than I do).

THEN: I was super pumped to be with Mr. PC!
See? Is that one proud girlfriend or what?

NOW: Still insanely proud to be with Mr. PC! We're happier now then we were then, perhaps due to a combination of the leveling out of our hormones, and learning more awesome stuff about each other over the last 10 years.

And here are a few bonus photos from high school dances. They look so old because they have been carried in the mister's wallet for ten years. Seriously. Dorky.

If you were to stereotype your high school self, what group would you fit into? The jocks? Goody- goodies? Science nerd?