Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuck on You: Cake in the Face or Not to Cake in the Face

Despite making a lot of crazy cakes with Mr. Pin Cushion, I wanted a not-too-crazy cake for our wedding. After gazing at hundreds of cakes online (why are cakes so beautiful?), I started digging the rustic buttercream look.

At our cake tasting, the bakery consultant seemed perplexed by what I wanted. She bewilderedly asked, "You mean, you don't want the icing to be smooth? You want it to look . . . messy?" Even the cake base befuddled her (which I wanted to just be white) How could I not want the base covered with their gold or silver foil?

After finally conveying the look we wanted, The Buttery made the cake while we did the rest. Literally. I made the heart cookies and affixed them to the cake and my parents picked the cake up and delivered it to the site on our wedding day.

That delivery part almost delayed our wedding. We found out after we ordered the cake that the bakery wouldn't deliver it to our site because it was too far. So my parents said, "Heck! No worries, we'll just swing by and get it before the ceremony."

But on the wedding day, when Mr. Pin Cushion and I are almost at the ceremony site, we get a call from the best man telling us my parents have yet to leave the house and he doesn't know them well enough to start bossing them around. So we have to call them and tell them to get a move on. It wouldn't be such an issue for our cake to be late, but 1) it was my parents and it was fairly important for them to be at the ceremony and 2) my dad was our officiant, so it was really important for him to be there.

Thankfully, my parents and the cake arrived minutes before we were scheduled to begin.

We had not discussed our strategy for cake cutting. But according to Mr. Pin Cushion, when we were being called over to cut the cake, I whispered in his ear, "We're not going to do the cake in the face thing, right?"

But you can tell that despite this question, I'm already starting to look a little feisty when we're cutting our slice. Mr. Pin Cushion feeds his bite to me very sweetly. But he's looking at me with such a pleading look. It's as though his eyes are saying, "See, isn't it nice when we're civilized and don't put food in our loved one's face?"

The photo above is the only evidence that I did not think it was so nice to be civilized. If you notice, my thumb is covered in icing. And that icing wound up on Mr. Pin Cushions face.

Whether on a plate or on a face, our cake was delicious. We had carrot cake (without the offending raisins or nuts) and chocolate cake. We didn't save the top tier for our anniversary because we ate every last crumb on our wedding day.

Are you planning on "caking" your new spouse in the face?

All photos by the fabulous Weaver House 

Pin Cushion Flashback:
The gals hit up the salon. Then, the gang gets dressed. We have a sob-filled first look.
Our wedding party poses with kids' murals. And we make them wear fake noses and hold balloons.
The cermony site gets pimped out. I have an emotional breakdown before walking down the aisle. The Pin Cushions get married. We're happy at happy hour. We have an unconventional guest book and give guests strawberry plant favors. We strand our guests without a table. Speech, Speech! Our guests enjoy cookies. 

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