Friday, January 30, 2015

A Geriatric Bee Returns

Mrs. Pin Cushion here, returning to the hive approximately 83 years after my wedding (ok, only 4 and a half, but in internet years, that's, like, forever). I'm back to finally allow everyone to breath deeply again, as I'm sure you all were just holding your breath waiting for me to finish my recaps!

As you gasp for breath, let me provide a crash course on the Pin Cushion wedding so it will be a bit more fun to follow along.

We decided on a summer time, picnic theme for our big day.

I had the darndest time picking a wedding dress, but finally found my dress 

Mr. Pin Cushion and I labored over computers and crafting mats to make our Save the Dates and our pop-up wedding invites.

We built a DIY Photo Booth.
Our big day finally arrived (July 17, 2010) and we got ready and had a sob-fest of a first look.
That's a photo of me hyperventilating from crying so hard.

We took photos in front of murals painted by famous artists (ie random elementary school kids).

And finally, I made it down the aisle to Mr. Pin Cushion.
Last 3 photos by Steep Street Photography (now The Weaver House). 

That brings us up to date on my last blog post. I hope you'll join this old Bee for a walk down memory lane as I finish my wedding day recaps!

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