Sunday, February 28, 2010

(Un-) Proven Theory: A Direct Relationship

After a few lengthy discussions with some girlfriends, we've developed a theory. Margaritas may or may not have been involved during the theorizing process (don't worry, we'll be sure to list Chevy's as a co-author if we get published). Our theory is:
The length of a courting couple's engagement shall be directly
proportional to the length of said courting couple's relationship,
as demonstrated in the graph below:

Created by moi on Excel (I know, I'm blown away too)
In other words (that aren't as British sounding), the longer a couple's been together, the longer they'll be engaged. And vice versa; the shorter the relationship at the time of the proposal, the shorter the engagement period will be. We developed this groundbreaking theory based on very extensive research and vigorous scientific observation (or perhaps by gossiping about our own and our friends' relationships [no, it's definitely the scientific thing]).

Has anyone seen our theory in action in their own relationship, or in their friends' relationships? Or does anyone want to challenge the theory? (We dare you!)

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