Saturday, February 13, 2010

POP Goes the Question-The Story Continues

At the end of the last proposal post, I was headed towards a sculpture in the National Sculpture Garden. I was in search of a particular sculpture (a tongue in cheek take on Rodin's Thinker) and when I found it, I saw a small card taped to the name plaque (the small blue paper in the right lower corner of the picture below).

Personal Photo
I looked around to see if I anyone was nearby, but as far as I could see, I was alone. The card contained another love note, and further instructions to make my way to the Carousel along the National Mall. I was on an official scavenger hunt! I have loved these since I was a child, and they have played a part in many gift givings between the mister and I.

My heart started beating at this point. I knew something was up, and the only conclusion I could come to was a proposal. But I kept telling myself that it didn't make sense: I had always thought we would wait until I was back living in California again. And I thought that C would propose when we were at home. So, with this logic, I kept telling myself, "No, C is just being romantic. He can't be proposing now!"

With my pounding heart, and sweaty palms (despite the freezing weather), I made my way to the Carousel, to find another note.

Personal Photo (My note in red)

I began to wonder how long each of these notes had been waiting for me, and was amazed that they were all there for me to find! (Thank you wind and passer-byers for not picking up and taking my cards!) From the carousel, I was "told" to head down towards a tree behind the Washington Monument. Here is where a bit of real-life crept into our proposal story (not all stories play out exactly like movies now, do they?): my cell phone rang, and as I fumbled to open it with my numb hands, I saw it was C calling. Before I could say anything, he quickly instructed, "Now, you're not allowed to ask me anything, but I need you to stop where you are. Wait until I text you before you keep going." And then he hung up. I had no idea what to make of the situation, and all I could do was wait. So wait I did. It was cold, and my nose started running. And I was left to ponder the options of what was going on. (Which, I'll admit, believing he wasn't proposing led me to the decision that he had bought me a puppy. And I thought "Well, that is rude, since I'm in school and can't take care of a puppy right now!" Ha.)

I finally got a text telling me I could continue (a long 15 minutes later). I found my 4th note in a nook of a large tree.

Personal photos (the card in the nook, and me reenacting picking it up, post proposal)

This card led me to my final note, which was perched on an informational sign along the reflecting pool. (Seriously, how was it possible that nobody had walked by and picked up the cards? A miracle, I say!)

Personal Photo
I picked up card and found a line from Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech. This was my clue to go to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where nearly 50 years ago, MLK orated his famous speech. My hands were shaking, because I felt that something big was about to happen. I took a few deep breaths and headed towards the monument .

Was anyone else sent on an adventure during their proposal? Did you know it was going to happen before your love popped the question? Who convinced themselves otherwise?

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