Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conception of a Concept

The Mister and I were engaged for nearly a year before we began any serious planning. But that doesn't mean I didn't spend a fair amount of time drooling (sometimes literally, shhh, don't tell) over inspiration I found around the web. A year is a long time to look at amazing, drop dead gorgeous weddings. When the time for actually planning began, I was completely overwhelmed (and somewhat covered in drool).

Throughout my blog-oggling period, I would email the Mister links of photos I liked, and he would respond with, "Well, they're both nice, but total opposites." And it was true. For example, in an email about flowers, I included these two centerpieces:
From here & here
Both are lovely, but the first is very minimal while the second is very busy. Looking through ALL the weddings and photos that I had bookmarked made it look like I had split personalities! I had saved my inspiration all willy-nilly. Was I a modern, minimalist bride or did I lean more towards vintage? Did I want a country chic, barn yard wedding? Did I like pink, feminine details? I didn't know! I wanted it all!!

It took me a while to come up with a vision for our wedding. While I had tons and tons (in inter-web weight) of inspiration, what helped the most was stepping back from the internet for a bit. I thought about what I liked in my "normal" (read- "non-wedding") life, as well as what the mister and I are like as a couple. From that, I realized:
  • We're fun! And quirky!
  • Soft and subdued is beautiful, but I love bright and cherry! (Subtle is not my style)
  • Hook me up with some yellow and orange and I'm all smiles
  • We wanted to CELEBRATE the fact that we're getting married!
So, after thinking about those points, we developed a "theme" (um, using that loosely, because I don't want it to turn hokey). We are aiming for a fun, summer picnic wedding. Here's the inspiration board I created over on Style Me Pretty.

Sources: I made this when I hadn't yet thought to keep sources, and just took screen shots (there's the willy nilly for ya). I'm tracking sources down now. Here are the one's I've found (holler out if you know a source). Green & red picnic from MS Weddings Summer 2006, Cake by Flour Patch Bakery from Brides, Biscuits & strawberries in basket; Red & white twine, Daisy bouts,

So, with our inspiration tacked down, for the most part, we began making real, tangible decisions (wahoo). How did your wedding inspiration come about? Was it a quick and easy decision, or were you overwhelmed like me?

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