Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Overload?

C and I are in a bit of a pickle (a good pickle, but a pickle nonetheless). We have been invited to two weddings this summer. And wouldn't you know it? Those two weddings land on the two weekends immediately leading up to our wedding.

A quick rundown on the weddings: The first wedding is C's high school friend, and C was asked to be a groomsman. The second wedding is a good family friend of mine. Both weddings are local.
Now, the question is: Do people think it is absolutely crazy to try to attend both weddings in the weekends leading up to our wedding? Are we going to be too busy with our own final details? Are we going to end up pooped out on weddings by the time our rolls around, and will I end up looking like the above bride, totally "over it"?

From what I can see, the options are:
A. Go to both and enjoy ourselves!
B. C goes to his friend's wedding while I work on our wedding stuff, and the reverse for my friend's wedding.
C. We both stay home from both weddings, because we'll be too busy with our own things.

Does anyone have experience with this situation? Which option should C and I choose?

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