Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When I got engaged, I was in the first of four semesters of an accelerated nursing program. My cohort was about 45 people (consisting of 42 females and 3 males [public service announcement:we need more murses!]). I was the first to get engaged in my program, but by the end of the 16 month program, 8 more people got engaged! 9 out of 45 people, in barely over a year?!? That seems like a crazy statistic to me (it's 20% of the program, for those [like myself] who haven't taken a math class in a while).

I told myself that I would wait until graduation before I started my serious planning, because I knew it would be time consuming (and mind-consuming, as I've since found!). I am so impressed by all the brides-to-be that are in school full time-grad school, med school, law school-and somehow find the time to plan a fabulous wedding!
Sources: (boring books and wedding book)

While I chose to wait a while before I began planning, most of my fellow engagees got right down to it. Among the 9 people in my program, I was the first to get engaged, but will be nearly the last one to get married this year!

How do you balance their wedding planning with school? Or with you job? Are you choosing a long engagement to allow yourself time to finish school?

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