Sunday, February 14, 2010

POP Goes the Question-The Conclusion

My chilly November morning had been filled following the clues of a scavenger hunt, with my final clue leading me to the Lincoln Memorial. I now began to walk up the long steps of the monument. I didn't know what I should be looking for, and so with each step, I peered around suspiciously, waiting for something or someone to appear.
When I finally made it near the top, I looked up to see Mr. Pin Cushion walking through the crowd towards me. He had transformed since I last saw him, and was wearing a suit. As he walked down to me, his dress shoes and the cold marble steps made for a bad combination, and he nearly slipped (this story would probably have a different ending if he had fallen).

Before I knew it, Mr. PC was standing on the step above me. And he got down on one knee. And he told me wonderful things (that I only wished I could remember [I curse thee, brain]). And then he brought out a beautiful ring and asked me if I wanted to go get some fried chicken for lunch. Nah, not really. Mr. PC would never do that to me. He knows I hate fried chicken. What he did ask was if I would be his wife. To which I cried, and managed to croak out a "yes".

For your viewing pleasure, the video of the proposal is below. Mr. Pin-ster had asked our dear friend to assist him with the set-up, so she was there to capture the moment on video. The good stuff starts around minute 3 when I first see Mr. Pin Cushion, so feel free to skip ahead (unless you want to watch me walk up the steps for 2 1/2 minutes, looking concerned and perplexed [in which case, be my guest]). You can't hear much in the video, so feel free to supplement it with the dialogue of your favorite romantic movie. Sleepless in Seattle would work. As would The Princess Bride. (But if you prefer the romance between Mel Gibson and freedom in Braveheart, go right ahead.)

Post proposal, we snuck in a few photos. If you get squirmy with seeing other people snuggling, you should avert your eyes now. And if that's the case, then I hope for your sake you didn't watch the above video. (All photos are our own).

Mr. PC's face is completely overcome with emotion.
Though he still manages to look dapper with his hand in his pocket. Suave.

Please don't ask me about my alien fingers. It's a sensitive subject.

After all the excitment, we realized we were starving. We headed over to the McDonald's in the Air & Space Museum to celebrate over a chocolate milkshake!
We asked a nice gentleman to take our picture, explaining that we had just gotten engaged.
I don't think he believed us.

Don't tell me that we're the only one who had a non-traditional way to celebrate their engagement! What did you and your love do to celebrate when you got engaged?

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