Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Other Other Mom

While I wrote about my mom's involvement in the wedding in my last post, I failed to mention the other mom involved: C's mom. I'll tack that failure onto my list of other shortcomings (right after a-the inability to hold a burp in at appropriate times, and b-singing off key and c-drooling when I sleep [I can't help it, geez]).

The mister's mom is AWE-to the-SOME. She's wicked sweet, and she loves loves loves her kids and family (which she's said I'm totally a part of, yay!). Plus, she gave me a fun moniker when C and I first started dating, which we still use today, nearly 10 years later (she calls me C's "special friend", cause she didn't know what else to call me! he he). She is a former professional ballerina (my chosen profession as a little girl, though I didn't even dance), and she is a true beauty. Why here she is now, demonstrating a dance move for us:

As far as involvement is concerned, C's mom has expressed a sentiment similar to my parents; she says she doesn't want to be involved unless we want her involved. And to tell you the truth, even then, it sounds a bit iffy. She says she got worn out on wedding involvement when she made her oldest daughter's wedding gown 2 years ago. I can understand that. I have no idea what type of undertaking that involves (I'm told many many hours and many many headaches). Check out her handywork, though:

Very impressive! (being modeled by C's sister at her wedding in'08)

So, with our parents letting us fully take the planning reigns, we're off and running (okay, perhaps at a slow jogging pace, but off nonetheless).

Has anyone involved in your planning been 'wedding-ed out" by another wedding?

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