Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stuck on You: Salon Time

After staying up much too late the night before (vow writing, cookie baking, itunes playlist composing), I woke up on the morning of the wedding with a knot in my stomach. I was a ball of nerves. It felt like the precious (awful) minutes before a big test, where you just want the test to begin because you know you'll feel better once it does.

I drove to meet my bridesmaids (and a groomswoman) at the salon in the morning. But with bridal brain in full force, I forgot to get directions. And I got lost. Even though I'd been to the salon before. After a frantic phone call, more than one U-turn and some emotional tears (if you'd like to start counting, that's cry #1 for the day), I finally arrived at the salon.

My hair and make-up maven (Sara Purtscher at Tranquille) got right to work.

My reflection looks pleased. I had a case of bouffant-induced giggles. It looked like my brain had increased in size by 400 IQ points. Sara, the stylist, assured me it would settle down with time.

While my 'maids got their hair done, I hopped right over into the make-up chair. It was so nice to just sit back relax. Plus, getting your make up done feels a bit like a face massage.

It was nice to have my ladies looking on and supporting me. With words, but more importantly, with delicious muffins and champagne (just kidding. Mostly.)

While most of the salon experience was relaxing, I unfortunately was devoting 6% of my brain to a less-than-relaxing matter: finishing my vows. These things would just not go away!

With a little bit of liquid courage (mimosas), and my cheat sheet (notes I had written about Mr. Pin Cushion while I was living in DC [in case I needed reminders of why I loved him while we were long distance, which thankfully I didn't need]), I was able to nearly finish my vows.

How do you expect to feel on the morning of your wedding? Nervous? Excited? Like you might puke a little bit? Super stressed about finishing your vows (don't be like me, finish yours early [at least the night before!])?

All photos by the fabulous Steep Street Photography

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