Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stuck on You: First Sob, I Mean, First Look

Mr. Pin Cushion and I chose to do a first look because:
1) we would have had nervous break-downs going nearly all day without seeing each other; and
2) we had things to do before the ceremony that we couldn't have done had we needed a blinder set up between us the whole time.

Well, it turns out that while I might have prevented a nervous break-down, the first look did lead me to have a crying break-down.

It seemed that initially I would be able to hold it together. I started walking towards Mr. PC. . .

But as I drew near, I was so overcome with emotions that I started to cry. Not sweet, trickling tears. These were overwhelming, gasping for breath type sobs. I was making such funny noises that my poor fiance had to turn around to see if I needed some sort of medical assistance.

He probably was thinking, "Dear God! I'm marrying a crying fool!" Also going through his head, "What has happened to my fiance's arm. It looks like a broken chicken leg."
(And just to clarify, that photo is of me crying. Not laughing.)

The crying just would not stop


His smirk is saying, "This is so typical!"

Hug me, you fool, before I lose all of my water stores.

It is amazing how easy it is to forget that you are being watched and photographed when you are so overcome with emotion. My brain was short circuiting on happiness and excitement and nervousness, there was no room to think about being self-conscious or embarrassed about the fact that I was not able to control my emotions.

My blubbering turned into maniacal laughter. . .

. . . and then into my I'm-so-happy-my-gums-are-showing smile.

And I couldn't help hitting the ubiquitous first-look pose. It seems to say, "Admire my tear soaked dress. Check out my running make up. Soak it all in!"

With each hug I got from Mr. PC, my tightly wound stomach began to relax a bit more. My crying-turned-laughing breakdown subsided and I was able to revel in the moment, and appreciate that today was our wedding day.

Little did I know, we were not the only ones reveling in the moment. Our sneaky bridal party had gathered in my parents' dining room, and was peering through the window, watching us the whole time!

Are you doing a first look? I hope you enjoy the moment as Mr. PC and I did!

All photos taken by the fabulous Steep Street Photography

Pin Cushion Flashback:
The gals hit up the salon. Then the gang gets dressed.

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