Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stuck on You: Wedding Dressing

The writing of the vows continued when I got home from the salon . . .

I'm pretty sure that everyone around me, if they hadn't already thought so, began to think I was a little wacky. I was kneeling in my high school bedroom, power writing vows that should have been written weeks ago. Thankfully, at this point, I just needed to copy my chicken scratch into legible vows I could read at the altar.

My photography, Kelty, took my scribbling as a sign to leave me alone and go take some detail shots.

(My ring's Weddingbee debut!)

My grandmother's pearl necklace that I wore for my wedding day.

My wedding day shoes. Vivienne Westwood. Cute. Sweaty. Plastic-y smelling.

Here's a dilemma that I think most brides deal with: how do you put on your wedding dress without showing your undies to your photographer, your bridesmaids and your mom?

I chose the method of: put on your undies and bra (or very sticky Nu-Bra if you're me) in the bathroom, then giggle like mad as you realize you are basically nude and your dress is very much not within reach.

Oh my. I think the ladies in that room got a bit of a shock when I stepped out from behind the door. Ta-da! I am grateful that there are no pictures of either their faces nor my Nu-bra'ed body.

I made a beeline to my dress and gave my mom a look that conveyed, "Please zip me up and help your poor, nearly nude daughter get out of this debacle!"

My dear friends are still speechless at seeing more of Pin Cushion than they signed up for.

My hoop skirts get their 30 seconds of fame.

The men (Mr. Pin Cushion and his best man) got ready downstairs. And by that, I mean in the backyard. I am not sure exactly how they ended up there.

I know that look. Mr. PC is saying, "Uh . . . so how does this thing work?" That question has led him to single handedly add 123 hits to the YouTube instructional video "How to Tie A Tie".

And when a tie needs tying and there is no YouTube in sight? Call in the ladies. Mr. Pin Cushion's two sisters gave him a hand (4 hands, actually).

How will you (or how did you) deal with getting into your wedding dress? Buck up and show everyone the goods? Have all those present avert their eyes? Slip into your dress in the privacy of a bathroom? (If only I had known the answer to how to do this before my wedding, I could have saved my bridesmaids' eyeballs [or at least warned them in advance].)

All photos by the fabulous Steep Street Photography

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