Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stuck on You: Inspiration Vs Reality

It's showdown time!

In one corner, it's "The OG": Original Pin Cushion Inspiration Board!
And battling it out in the other corner is "Reality Bites": Real Pin Cushion Wedding Board!

First up, OG (created 3 years ago, in the Mesolithic era, via Style Me Pretty):
{Sources available from original inspiration board post}

Next up, to woo you is Reality Bites (created via Project Wedding with our very own wedding photos):
{All shots from Steep Street Photography}

Now, as a totally partial judge (nobody could get more partial than me, the bride), I would say it's a WIN. As in, our wedding photos pretty much hit the colors and vibe of our OG inspiration board.

What do you think Hive, did the Pin Cushion wedding board live up to the inspiration board? Are you using an inspiration board to guide your wedding decisions?

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