Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stuck on You: I Love You! And I Don't Care Who Nose It!

In case posing in front of murals painted by elementary school kids wasn't kooky enough, we decided to up the "fun ante" by bringing back a prop that we used in the Pin Cushion engagement photos.

That's right. We used fake noses and mustaches in our wedding portraits.

Trying to keep it classy.
(I sure hope my ears aren't as crooked as those glasses suggest they are.)

It's impossible to keep a straight face for long when you're wearing these things.

Time for some close ups (which were shot against the side of a portable classroom [shows the magic of good photographers]):

The Pin Cushions didn't want to be the only ones allowed to have fake mustache fun. We got everyone involved. First, we lured them in by taking normal close ups . . .

. . . then, before they could move from their spots, we threw on a pair of fake glasses!

I love that everyone's photo shows off a bit of their personality. (And how bridesmaid Jessica [far left] has eyebrows that look windswept!)

The groomswomen and man:

Best man Virat (far right) is cheating! It doesn't look like he's wearing a disguise, since his eyebrows and mustache already look like that. It just makes him look like he has really big nostrils!

All together now!
Do not try this at home! It's very hard to kiss with fake mustaches and noses on!

Are you using any props in your wedding photos? I highly recommend it-they're super fun!

All photos by the fabulous Steep Street Photography

Pin Cushion Flashback:

The gals hit up the salon. Then, the gang gets dressed. We have a sob-filled first look.
Our wedding party poses with kids' murals.

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