Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Comes First?

Me or him? Mr. or Mrs. Pin Cushion? It seems like most of our guests think Mr. Pin Cushion.

I'm talking about names here, dear readers. It seems that when it comes to our names, our wedding guests think that Mr. Pin Cushion's first name should come before mine. Since anonymity is not my strong suit (as evidenced by my lack of blurring in my invitation post), I'll just come out with our names: Chris and Kendra. (See? Even I say his name first. Sheesh.)

Since our engagement, Mr. Pin Cushion and I have received piles of lovely cards and well wishes. And it is undeniable that people write Chris' name before mine about 80% of the time.

See? A random sampling of cards. My name first on the left and his name first on the right

Out of pure curiosity, do people say your name or your fiance's name first? Do you think name order has to do with gender? Or how the names sound when they are said together? Or are you just busy thinking about how much of an over analyzer Mrs. Pin Cushion is?

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  1. we got a lot of "Mr. And Mrs." cards, but i think it goes about half and half when people refer to our first names. it seems more natural to say my name first, but some people are more traditional say his first.