Friday, August 13, 2010

A Very Sweet Gift

Yesterday, UPS delivered an unassuming box to my front door. It was large and heavy (perhaps it felt extra heavy because my arms look like chicken legs, having not seen the inside of a gym in 27.8 months).

I opened the box to reveal a late arrival wedding gift. As I peeled back the wrapping and saw the contents on the gift, my heart began to pound. I felt lightheaded. Small sweat beads formed across my upper lip. Could it be? Were my eyes deceiving me?

(Can you, sneaky readers, tell what this fantastic gift might contain?)

I (lovingly) pried back the flaps of the next package . . .

My suspicions were correct! My friends had sent Mr. Pin Cushion and I a lifetime's supply (ha, I mean a year's supply) of Rainbow Chip Cake Mix and Icing! (Aka Funfetti [though Rainbow Chip is infinitely times better, due to its chewy icing balls]).

Betty Crocker, I give thanks to thee! (from here and here)

My friends gifted us a dozen boxes of Rainbow Cake Mix, 8 cans of Rainbow Chip Icing (the hot dog-hot dog bun irony strikes again) and a cake plate.

I made a beeline to the kitchen to try out our new gift.

And it was delicious.

What gift have you received that was a total shock to you? And, if anyone dares to say that Funfetti is better than Rainbow Chip, I'll see you in the parking lot after class!!

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