Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's For The Good of Humanity

When it came to gifting the ladies in our wedding (my bridesmaids and Mr. Pin Cushion's groomswomen), I chose presents that were based completely on altruism and selflessness and helping out mankind and stuff. Because I live a life of giving. And I'm not at all into possessions. Or cute shoes. Nope.

We gave our deserving ladies these lovelies:

Tom's Shoes!

We gave each of our 6 wedding women a pair of Tom's Shoes because with each purchase, Tom's donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. And like I said, I'm all about helping out the world and not at all about awesome footwear. We didn't give Tom's shoes as gifts because they are super cute or because they are ridiculously comfortable or because we could choose colors based on personality. No, sir. It was definitely the altruism thing.

My fancy packaging (because with all the goody-goodiness of the gift, I couldn't taint it with environmentally unsound wrapping paper, could I?). And yes, I forgot to take my classy post-it note name tags off for the picture . . .

We handed out the shoes at our rehearsal dinner, and the recipients were very excited. Bridesmaid Sarah already owns 27 pairs of Tom's (okay, maybe just 6), but even she was stoked to get another pair, 'cause, ya know, it was helping give kids more shoes.

Check out the nice snuggle I got from maid of honor Ratha after she saw the gift.
She's telling me, "Thank you so much for helping out those needy children, Miss Pin Cushion. These fabulous shoes are just an added bonus."

What is the best gift you have ever received? Was it humanity-helping? A inside joke gag gift? Completely useful or useless (in the best way--totally unessential)?

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