Friday, August 27, 2010

Stars of the PVC Faux-to Booth

It took less time to build our PVC faux-to booth than it takes to watch an episode of Project Runway. And considering the hours our guests spent having fun and hamming it up in the booth, and then the many more hours Mr. PC and I have spent falling off the couch laughing at the resulting photos, I'd say our time was more than recouped.

Our friends and family were true top models, and wowed us with variety when it came to their poses . . . we saw tiger growls (perhaps that was just my pose), couples kissing, Blue Steel gazes . . .

I was happy to see my expensive props put to good use (a spray painted Ikea frame I already owned, fake flowers [note how many people put that flower in their mouth, including me], handmade felt mustaches).

Even Stewie Griffin made an appearance. Though, come to think of it, he didn't even send back his RSVP card, so I should have kicked him out . . .

My maid of honor was attacked by a flower-prop by her suave boyfriend.

I thought I'd save this next one for the end of the post, to allow you guys to warm up a bit. I present to you, my uncle and aunt . . . and my uncle's tongue.

In addition to finding out which friends could make it as supermodels, we also found a guest who we could use as a cookie spokesperson, if we ever decide to sell our homemade cookies on the market . . .

Are you hoping to be able to look back at any parts of your wedding and laugh? What parts?

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