Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Venue is Juuuust Right

After looking at a lot of venues that weren't the perfect bowl of porridge (lumpy with lots of brown sugar [porridge is like cream of wheat, right?]), we found one that fit us just right: Radonich Ranch, which is in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The venue's website wooed us right from the start with these photos:

[Source, by Loren Weltsch Photography]

My parents, the pin-ster and I visited the site (unplanned and unannounced, as per usual) and we were all smitten. It had everything we were looking for: it was outside, we could have the ceremony in the same location and . . . well I guess that was really all we had thought about what we had wanted. But even without a pre-determined set of criteria, we knew the site was awesome. It had a pond! And trees! And cafe lights!

We stopped being venue spies and finally made an actual appointment to meet with the coordinator, Marky. She was a doll, and if we had not already been sold on the site, she would have won us over. We learned that the venue came with catering, the waitstaff, the reception flowers, non-alcohol drinks, the tables, chairs, tableware and linens. Whoopee!! Less stress on The Pin Cushions to figure all of those details out!

We loved the site, we loved the perks and we loved the coordinator. We booked Radonich Ranch for our wedding day and phew, it sure felt good to finally have something pinned down!

Here's the venue at night (I might find myself zoning out on my wedding day staring at the sparking lights . . . shiny . . .):

Now for quick tour around the grounds, with your tour guide, Ms. Pin Cushion (tips are not necessary but always appreciated [I accept coins, cookies and high fives]). Photos by moi, spy style.

Straight ahead, you'll see the main building, which houses the kitchen, and a large room where the buffet will be set up.

Behind the main building is the beverage area, complete with vintage coke ice chests and wine barrel bar.

Further along, you'll find the ceremony site.

Across from the main building is a barn, of sorts (Mr. PC wants everyone to know it doesn't smell like animal [except maybe PARTY animals]), which is the where music and dancing and general merriment will occur.

And lastly, we have a pond. Everyone keep their hands and feet in the vehicle, we don't want any drownings on this tour.

How many places did you visit before finding the venue that felt "just right"? And, out of pure curiosity, how do you take your porridge? Lumpy or non-lumpy?

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