Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photographer Crush

Last summer I developed a crush. In fact, it was a bit more than a crush. It was a semi-obsession. But don't worry, it was a love affair that happened online. And Mr. Pin Cushion knew about it. This obsession was (okay, still is) with our photographer. I stumbled across her photography blog one day (after clicking from link to link and not remembering how I got to where I was) and fell in love. I had hardly looked for a wedding photographer, but when I saw this blog, I felt that I didn't need to look any further. (I don't normally 'believe' in love at first sight . . . but perhaps love at first blog-site?)

The blog that I speak of is And my crush is on the fabulous photographer behind the blog, Kelty Luber of Steep Street Photography. Kelty is creative (how I would love to have a few strands of her artsy-craftsy DNA) and has a unique eye. Indulge me by checking out some of her photos (the kind that helped kindle my crush):

All photos from Steep Street Photography
(the second photo is an underwater engagement session-groovy!!)

After oggling her site for quite a while, I contacted Kelty. She was as fabulous as I had anticipated, and we arranged an engagement shoot for a time when I would be home in the Bay Area. After meeting with her for the shoot, my crush only grew deeper (don't tell the mister, he might get jealous). Kelty is a stunning 6 foot tall redhead, she's super-fly and has creativity seeping out of her pores. I want to be her when I grow up (wait, she's only a year older than me? Dag nabbit!).

As a teaser, here are two photos from the engagement session we had with Kelty:

What wedding crushes have you developed throughout your planning (that you have or haven't told your significant other about)?

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