Friday, March 19, 2010

Engagement Photo Love: The Romantic

Last summer, my photographer crush arrived to take me and my main squeeze's engagement photos. We picked Kelty (of Steep Street Photography) up from the airport in the morning (Kelty had lived in San Francisco when we "discovered her", but has since moved to Portland. We had already been lured into her photography lair, and booked her anyway).

Mr. Pin Cushion and I had picked Golden Gate Park as our shooting location. But, as anyone who's been there knows, the park is a big as the ocean is wide. Okay, maybe not that big. But it's big. I had created a photo shoot in my head (on paddle boats at Stow Lake, on the carousel), but had failed to convey my vision to . . . um. . . anyone (oops). And for some reason, when Kelty arrived, I still didn't say much.

We ended up just going with the flow and walking through the park together. When someone saw something that piqued our interest, we'd holler, and head over for some shots. I'm glad we ended up doing the shoot this way. It was very casual, and Kelty has such an amazingly creative eye that we ended up with photos that we NEVER would have if I had tried to dictate the shoot.

I'll stop my jibber-jabbering now and show you the photos from our shoot. These pics are the more romantic of the session. All photos taken by the suberb-fantastic-wonderful Kelty from Steep Street Photography.

Mr. PC and I climbed through some bushes to get the "right in the greenery" look.

Kelty does neat-o things with focus. My eyeball never looked so good!

I provided some smirks while Mr. Pin-ster laughed at me.

Smooches with my honey

I couldn't keep my eyes open when we were on the quilt. The sun was blaring down, and Kelty kept saying, "One. Two. Three. Open" and I'd try to open my eyes for a split second. But they kept tearing up. Which made me start laughing that I was crying. It was a mess. A fun mess.

We danced (which is quite embarrassing when you're in an amphitheater and you don't know what you're doing and someone is snapping photos of you)

We acted sassy (check out my hip bump-whoa nelly!)

Then while wandering around we (fine, it was all Kelty [geesh, you don't have to grill me]) found this awesome tree.

Isn't it gnarly? And gnarled?

Kelty made it even cooler with her mad Photoshop skills!

And of course we couldn't get through the engagement shoot without some smooching.

Doesn't it look like we are standing in front of a green screen and this windmill was added later? (Also, Caution: awkward kissing photo)

Was your engagement shoot well planned out, or did you throw caution to the wind (break for a philosophical question: who ends up with that caution when it lands again?) and let it just go with the flow?

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