Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Relationship Behaviors

I'm always curious about other people's relationships. And not just the big stuff, like do you fight or not (I want to know that too though), but the details. I think that's why I like watching certain reality TV shows (cough cough . . . Kardashians)-to try to get a glimpse into the nitty gritty, albeit silly, aspects of how other people behave in relationships.

I would be tickled if you would indulge me in your own relationships. Let's get a peek into how the hive behaves in their relationships.

When eating dinner at home with your partner, do you:
A) Eat at your dining table most of the time
B) Eat on your couch in front of your television most of time
C) Split your dinners between couch and table
D) Other ie eat while sitting on the floor or enjoy dinner while standing up at the kitchen counter

When going to the restroom at home, do you:
A) Always close the bathroom door
B) Sometimes close the bathroom door
C) I always close the door, but my partner has no boundaries and will come in anyway
D) Other. Please divulge in the comments!

{From Design Sponge: Kelly Teasley and Nina Gotlieb's bathrooms}

How often do you shower with your partner?
A) Nearly 100% of the time
B) When we're both home and awake
C) Rarely
D) Never

Do you sleep on the same side of the bed every night, even when on vacation? (I think "yes" is going to win by a landslide, but I'm curious).
A) Yes
B) No
(On a side note, I found a lot of talk online about men sleeping on the side of the bed next to the door. Has anyone found this pattern in their life?)

Since I am asking for you to divulge information about your relationship behaviors (albeit anonymously), I'll share my answers with you.
1) Answer B. Mr. Pin Cushion and I eat more of our dinners in front of the television than I wish to admit. Our dining table is usually covered with either piles of papers that I don't know how to organize or craft projects or other goodies (and by goodies, I mean piles of junk I just dragged from my car after work and have yet to put away).
2) Answer A. I don't know if it's the way we were raised, or what, but we always always keep the bathroom door shut. And the odd thing is, I'm a nurse and have seen just about every bathroom behavior imaginable.
3) Answer B. Whenever one of us is getting in the shower, we always ask if the other is going to join us. It's fun. Plus, how else are you going to wash that unreachable middle part of your back?
4) Answer B. I always sleep on the right, and he always sleeps on the left. And in regards to who sleeps next to the door, in our case, I do. (I guess it's up to me to fight off any zombies or burglars who come into our bedroom.)

What other questions do you have about how people behave in relationships? I'd love to do another post if there are more burning questions!

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