Friday, March 16, 2012

Relationship Behaviors Round 2

Back by popular demand (and, let's be honest, my own curiosity), here's more relationship behavior questions. (To find out how the hive behaves in the shower, bathroom and bed, see the first post.)

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1. If someone were to hack into your phone right now, could naked photos of yourself be found and posted on the internet?
A) Yes, thank goodness I'm not a celebrity.
B) No way!
C) Well, maybe not right now. But if it were hacked at another time, that's another story . . .

2. When you and your partner fight, is there yelling involved? (Question courtesy of Sugar Bee Janie-Janie)
A) No, neither of us yell (in which case, I ask you-how do you manage that?? Seriously, please tell me in the comments)
B) Yes, we both usually end up injuring our vocal cords
C) I'm a yeller but my partner is not
D) My partner's a yeller but I am not

[From; bowls and mugs]

3. Do you call each other by their name or a nickname/term of endearment? (Question posed by Melissa)
A) We use our real names almost exclusively
B) A little of both, depending on the circumstance
C) We almost always call each other by a nickname

3B) If you answered B or C above (i.e., you use nicknames), are any of the nicknames the same ones you used in a prior relationship?

3C) Please share your nicknames in the comments, if you're not embarrassed!

4) Before drifting off to sleep, do you and your partner snuggle?
A) Always; we're the snuggliest couple on the block
B) We snuggle for a bit and then roll our separate ways when it's actually time to go to sleep.
C) Hardly at all

I'll share my answers with the hope that everyone feels comfortable joining me!
1) B. Pretty much (could be C, but it would be if someone hacked into my phone for like 5 minutes, and only at like 2 specific times, ever). I'm just wondering if I'm totally out of the loop, as it seems that every celebrity that has their phone hacked has naked photos of themselves.

2) B. We are yellers. Sadly.

3) C, we use nicknames almost always. So much so that it sounds weird when Mr. Pin Cushion uses my real name.
3B) We were essentially relationship virgins before dating, so this question is moot.
3C) Our names aren't too original. We nearly always call each other "babe" (makes me feel like the Kristin Wiig-Jason Sudeikis A-hole characters on SNL). I also call him "chump" and "my love" but always go back to "babe".

4) C. Once again, sadly. I think the answers here might be correlated with i) length of living together or ii) length of relationship. We've been together a LONG time and used to always snuggle. And now, we either go to bed at different times, or I pass out while reading. But also, it's just not as comfortable to snuggle. Maybe we're just getting old, but my neck hurts and Mr. PC says it hurts his shoulder.

I'm pumped to see the poll results and read everyone's comments.

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