Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pin Cushion Catch Up: Honeymooning

Pin Cushions in Cancun!! Spring Break 2010!! Whooooo!!

When people asked where we went on our honeymoon, I'm always embarrassed to say Cancun. The word Cancun brings up images of girls going wild, heavy drinking and pool partying. But we had a relaxing, non-binge drinking time in Cancun.

We actually ate real food for sustenance (and not just straight vodka shots for our caloric intake [well, maybe a few blended drinks, but only after a hearty meal]).

I actually did have a mimosa every day with breakfast. But that doesn't constitute binge drinking, does it? Mimosas are way too classy for spring breaks . . .

Our daily breakfast.

We stayed at La Amada Hotel on Playa Mujeres. It was wonderful and delicious and luxurious.

The wonderful view from our hotel room.

Me and this outdoor bed became very close friends.

This photo leads me to a funny story. My mom always says that when something bad happens on a trip, that's what you will remember. And it's true. You don't tell people about the great time you had at the museum, or the great weather on your trip. You tell them about the hailstorm, or getting stranded or the other ridiculous things that happen while traveling.

So, back to the story of me and the hotel room deck. I spent a lot of time lounging out there, reading and napping. On the 3rd day of our honeymoon, a task took Mr. Pin Cushion outside for a few hours (the task being: getting our miniature rental car jump started by a cab because we [he] had left the headlights on and ran the battery down). Well, I happened to be outside on my favorite bed at the time. And Mr. Pin Cushion happened to lock the sliding glass door when he left the room.

I didn't realize I was locked out until that daily mimosa had made its way to my bladder. I tried to open the door to the room so that I could get inside and go pee. No luck. I laid back down. 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes, 30 minutes. 1 freakin' hour. I had to pee so badly. I started contemplating my options. I could jump off our second floor balcony and try to land safety, Angelina Jolie style. I could start yelling for help and hope someone would come open my hotel room door. Or I could squat over the drain in the deck floor and pee there. I seriously considered all three options. My new husband, by locking that darn door, made me contemplate peeing on the floor during our honeymoon!!

Thank goodness, Mr. Pin Cushion saved me from having to choose between breaking my legs or losing my dignity by coming back. I made sure to shove him out of the way as I ran to the bathroom. I am happy to report that my bladder did not burst on my honeymoon. But just barely.

While not locked on decks, we did other fun things. We visited Tulum, the Mayan Ruins just south of Playa del Carmen.

Sweaty honeymooners

We visited Isla Murejes, a small island right off the coast of Cancun, where we rented this baby:

I loved that scooter! When I don't have to make an 80 mile round trip commute, I am definitely buying myself something to scoot around on. Vroom Vroom!


Thinking back on your trips, do you remember the things that went smoothly, or the things that went awry?

(From hydroplaning for 10 seconds and almost running into a bus, to forgetting a camera and having to buy a crappy one at a Costco in Mexico, we have plenty of other things to remember from our honeymoon besides our bladder-busting, near porch-peeing incident.)

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