Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Touch, The Feel . . . The Fabric of Our Lives

In a move very apropos to my Pin Cushion moniker, our wedding is filled with fabrics. Lots of fabrics. And not soft, sophisticated, romantic fabrics. The Pin Cushion fabrics are in your face. In fact, when we brought some up to the counter at the fabric store, the cashier asked, "Whoa! What the heck are you doing with these fabrics?" Which is probably not a good question to be asked when said fabrics are for your wedding. Oh well, subtle has never been my specialty . . .

A mix of many of our fabrics. Colors! Stripes! Gingham! Crazy flowers!
We're using these to line bread baskets, wrap our favors and . . .

. . . Make cute bunting! Many hive members suggested making bunting with the extra fabric, so I went for it! We'll wrap it around our cake and guest book tables. (If the fabric patterns and the crazy color and stripes of the chair are making you dizzy, please feel free to stick your head between your knees.)

We also ordered a ton of green burlap which we made into table runners. Here is Mr. Pin Cushion watching T.V. . . I mean helping cut the burlap.

Our piles and piles of burlap runners. They shed. A lot. We looked like muppets by the end of the cutting process.

And RIBBONS! Do ribbons count as fabric? We have so much ribbon we could mummify ourselves and our entire bridal party.

Like many a bee before me, I made ribbon sticks, with the hope of running down the aisle in a shower of waving ribbons.

Like I said, subtle? No. But fun and crazy and wild? Most definitely. What aspect of your wedding is reflective of you as a person?

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