Thursday, July 1, 2010

Invitation Teamwork

After many deep discussions and much philosophical pondering, the Pin Cushions decided to DIY our invitations. Or perhaps it was due to our own procrastination. Nah. It's definitely the philosophy thing.

One afternoon I sat down and sketched (scrawled) out 3 invitation ideas with some very sophisticated artistic writing implements (crayons). Mr. PC played some eenie meenie miney moe to pick his favorite sketch. And then we got to work. I drank some tea while he worked on Illustrator. I nibbled on raw cookie dough while he triple checked measurements. I serenaded him with songs from "Oklahoma" while he quadruple spell checked. After all that great teamwork, here's the end result:

Hot pink envelopes! Envelope label made on Illustrator by Mr. PC.

The invite 'package', complete with twine and fabric-backed tag (with our wedding website on the other side).

Cheapest envelope liners ever. The envelopes were lined with wrapping paper found at Ikea for $0.99. Nearly blew our budget right there.

The actual invite. If you haven't noticed yet, please check out how strange the heart placement looks in the photo. That's because . . .

Our invitations are POP-UPS! All 3 of my invite ideas involved a pop-up, so Mr. PC was stuck with it, no matter where his eenie meenie-ing ended up.

Our RSVP card and envelope. All made by Mr. PC on Illustrator. I might have stopped twiddling my thumbs for a few moments to sew on the grosgrain ribbon. But I quickly returned to staring off into space.

The map to our locale. On the back are actual written directions, for people who can't read my amazing hieroglyphics.

The whole shebang, disassembled.

Mr. Pin Cushion did all of the computer design work. I lent my pen(wo)manship for the cursivey bits. I also donated the health of my hands by cutting out all those fabric coated hearts (I think I may have early onset finger arthritis).

Do you and your main squeeze have complimentary skills (like Mr. PC's computer skills and my hair twirling skills)? How do you put them to use?

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