Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Mature Missus

The Pin Cushions got married. And I think being a married woman, a decidedly adult thing to be, has made me more mature.

Ha. No, not really. I'm still the same goofball I was before. Now I just have someone legally bound to say that they married this goofball.

See? There we are. One goofball marrying another.

We had a fabulous, glorious, hot, lovely, fun, wonderful and totally rad day. I cannot wait to begin re-counting everything about the wedding day. But that will have to wait . . .

Because I have so much to tell from before the wedding! My time as a Miss here on the 'Bee was too short (and perhaps I lack certain skills [organization, time management]) so I have many pre-wedding projects that I hope you'll let me share, though I'm already a Mrs.

To end this post, I'd like to add a Public Service Announcement for all outdoor brides. Wear sunscreen! By the end of the night, my shoulders looked like this:

Pink! And may I also add . . . Rawr!

Surprisingly, on your wedding day, the sun does not give you a 'free pass' to not wear sunscreen. I believed that my bridal aura would be able to kick some UV ray butt. Well, let me be the bride to tell you, that is not the case. So unless you like the lobster-look, stock up on some good SPF.

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