Saturday, July 10, 2010

Totally Unnecessary

How many wedding items do you have that are not entirely necessary to you actually getting married?

A. 5?
B. 75% of your wedding items are unnecessary?
C. You could count the necessary items on just one foot, even if it were missing a toe or two?

I fall into that last category (because let's face it, what do you really need? An officiant, a license and a willing fiance). But some things are just so darn cute (or chic or modern [you fill in the adjective]).

Case in point:

We originally collected these adorable boxes (from a nice farmer's market vendor) with the hopes of transforming them into this:

Using the strawberry boxes to hold our centerpiece flowers didn't work out [though the image still flits around in my head [along with unicorns, and my dream of swimming in a pool of jello]).

So now I have to come up with some new way to use them (I've grown too attached to them [a human developing a strong emotional attachment to a cardboard box is totally normal, right?]). I went a little hot glue gun-crazy and lined a few of the boxes with red and white striped fabric, which you can see in the first picture. This only made me love them more.

I need your advice, dear readers. What can I do use these strawberry boxes at the wedding for? Or should I break my ties (and thus break my heart [sob]) with these cute-as-a-button boxes?

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