Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Bridal Party Feng Shui Seems a Bit Off

The Pin Cushions not only have bridesmaids and groomsmen, we also have a bridesman and groomswomen. Mr. PC and I will each have four people standing by our side, supporting us (emotionally, or physically, if necessary [that video link cracks me up every time {Karma, please ignore that last statement}]), but that’s as far as the symmetry goes.

There are six girls and 2 guys in our bridal party. We know it’s untraditional, and it may look unbalanced at the altar (heavy on the breasts and light on the beards), but we can't imagine having it any other way (seriously, we tried; I think we left our imaginations back in 3rd grade, along with our cursive writing skills). Mr. PC is close to his sisters, so it makes sense they're on his side, and I want my brother standing beside me.

As a quick intro, here are the peeps that make up our Wedding Crew (the 'descriptions' were snagged from our wedding website, since I'm all about recycling and reusing [I hope I don't hear the word 'lazy' being mumbled under anyone's breaths . . .])

Best Man V: As you can see from the photo, V is very good at accessorizing. Beyond that, he has incredible taste in music, is obsessed with magnets, and is one of the nicest people you will meet.
V and Mr. PC met in the Ph.D. program for Materials Science at U.C. Berkeley and they have been roommates for the past 4 years. V works on thin-film magnetic materials. If you want to be thoroughly entertained, keep asking him how magnets work until he has to use the word “magic”.

Groomswoman L: L has known Mr. PC since the minute he was born. They have been siblings ever since. L enriched Mr. PC’s life in countless ways, including trying to compress his spine when he grew taller than her and by randomly tackling him in the halls of Santa Cruz High. L was the best older sister that you can imagine: intelligent, funny, caring, and helped Mr. PC figure out how the world works in so many ways.

Groomswoman A: Mr. PC has known A since the minute she was born. Strange how that works. Mr. PC and A spent much of their childhood making sheet forts together, trying (and failing) to get A to throw a baseball without performing a grande jete, or just running around the woods. A is hilarious, scary smart, and Mr. PC is so glad to have her in his life.

Groomswoman Q: Q is one tough cookie- she's getting her Ph.D. alongside Mr. PC, PLUS she’s been his housemate for the last 4 years. She is one of the few people on this earth that can, at her request, make Mr. PC go out dancing. While Miss PC was in DC, Q stepped in, talked to Mr. PC about ‘feelings and the like’ to make sure he sustained his sensitive side. She rides an awesome scooter and drinks iced coffees; she’s a great friend and is as cute as a button.

Maid of Honor R: After spending time with R, you’re guaranteed 3 things: 1) sore cheeks from smiling so much 2) that you’ll feel taller 3) you’ll learn some new factoids (about a new restaurant, a musical or other fun-tivities!) R and Miss PC were sorority sisters at UC Berkeley. R is a 3rd grade teacher in Oakland. Look her up if you want to: learn how to be positive, go on a wine tasting trip or if you just want to laugh.

Bridesman K: K is Miss PC's older brother, and has seen her go through crazy times-like temper tantrums and self done hair cuts. He’s shown her how to be passionate about things. And while he knows how to push her buttons as only a sibling can, he can also elicit laughter from an inside family joke. He can be usually be found: on the streets of LA in part of a roller blading gang, in the office on his computer till ungodly hours, or checking out the local scene with his friends.

S: S and Miss PC met in their sorority at UC Berkeley. Since becoming friends, they have spent many-a-hour baking together (or just eating other people’s baked goods), laughing about who-knows-what, and generally having an all around good time! S has some mad skillz: she can bake a mean cake, sing a mean tune, walk in 4 inch heels like they’re flats and is a wizard at Photoshop.

Bridesmaid J:
Miss PC was jealous of J's awesome pioneer girl costume way back in the early days of elementary school, and the two have been friends ever since. Together, they have daydreamed about their future lives, traveled to Mexico, twice, survived 12 years of school, stayed up way too late talking at slumber parties, and had a blast while doing it all.

So there you have it, our party peeps!

How are you, lovely readers, splitting up your bridal party? Do any of you also have 'bad bridal party feng shui"?

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