Monday, June 28, 2010

Fit to be Tied

We may have let our bridesmaids and groomswomen go hog wild with their dresses, but we weren't so kind with our best man and bridesman! We brought our our best "evil looks" . . .

. . . cackled our best evil laughs and demanded our bridal crew men wear exactly what we tell them to! Or else they shall bear witness to horrors not seen since the 6 fingered man.

Okay, fine. They can wear whatever dress pants they already own. But that's as far as we're letting these shenanigans go. Okay, fine. They can wear whatever white shirt they want, as long as it has a collar. But we INSIST they wear a jacket. Okay, fine. They can take if off whenever they want. We're serious about the matching shoes though. Okay fine, who are we kidding. They can just wear whatever shoes they already have.

Well, we may be softies on the rest of the guys' outfits, but there's no way we're bending on the ties! And just to be sure, we bought 'em for the guys. Here are the Pin Cushion mens ties, in all their gingham glory:
I used the Alchemy function on Etsy (for the first time) and received a ton of bids to make the ties. We worked with seller XO Elle to make the ties (as in, we told her exactly what to make and then she did all the actual 'making'). Elle was awesome to work with. She lined each tie with a coordinating gingham, and made special 'keepers' for two of the ties (the little fabric thingy on the back of ties for the skinny end to go through [my amazing tie vocabulary astounds me too]).

Mr. PC's tie has a sweet reminder of our wedding date (and our initials, in case he forgets who he married [and this is all pretending he'll ever wear the tie again, which he won't {not too many occasions for a green gingham tie around these parts}]).

Were you more demanding about what the girls or guys in your wedding party should wear?

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