Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Makes Me Want to Wail-MAIL!

I like getting mail. It's one part of adult life that I look forward to (as opposed to 1) paying bills, 2) cleaning the refrigerator, 3) waking up at 5:15 am for work, 4) having no one to blame but myself for not having any clean socks to wear at 5:15 am). I'd like to think that other adult-types like getting mail too.

Going along with that theory, I like sending mail. It fills my thought bubbles with images of people jumping for joy at receiving non-junk-mail-mail. Which in turn makes me dance a little jig. My jig is a bit more exuberant when I know my outgoing mail is cute. And my most common outgoing mail at this point are my thank you cards. Thus, here are my handmade thank you cards [handmade because I a) am cheap, b) have been bringing a pile of construction paper through 3 moves, and enough is enough].

My bridal shower thank you cards; I wrote "Thanks for being so sweet" on the inside.

The thank you cards for our wedding gifts. I showed Mr. Pin Cushion how to rip fabric, and he happily ripped some cheap, hot pink fabric into (well sized) shreds. Then I sewed down the sides and stamped on a "Thanks".

I used the Thank You cards as an opportunity to try out all the groovy stitches on my new-ish sewing machine.

Can you believe you can just press a button, push the fabric a bit and the machine makes these designs? It's like sewing for dumbies (perfect for me, as I'm usually busy keeping my thought bubbles filled with things like manatees, singing babies, and puppy sandwiches).

I bought the neon green glassine envelopes for 50% off at Paper Source, likely because other, more sane people, could find no appropriate use for them. But I couldn't resist, and love that people can get a sneak peek of their 'thanks' through the envelope.

What have you, lovely readers, found around your house that you are re-purposing for any wedding events?

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