Monday, June 21, 2010

The Three Most Important Cs

1. Chocolate 2. Chip and 3. Cookies

The Pin Cushions are big fans of cookies. As in, our KitchenAid mixer gets used once a week to make a batch. As in, our Save the Dates talked about cookies. As in, people who know how many cookies we eat ask how we don't look like whales. As in, I regularly ask myself how we don't look like whales. We're taking this love affair to our wedding in the form of a cookie table (not a table made out of cookies [though that would be AWESOME]).

I stumbled on this photo and think it's pretty sweet.

Lots of cookies? Check. Cuteness factor? Check. Cold milk? Check. We're planning on substituting the pom poms with ginormous white balloons, a la Amy Atlas:

I've been collecting bits and pieces for the table o' cookies, and I've started making the cookie dough. Here's what we've got for sure at this point:
Cookie Board
1. An array of clear glass cookie jars from Crate & Barrel (1 huge, 2 mediums and 1 small).
2. The most fabulous chocolate chip cookies ever. Seriously. I'm not lying. It would be wrong to ever lie about The Sacred Chocolate Chip Cookie. (I've made and frozen the dough for 120 cookies.)
3. Chewy ginger molasses cookies. (I've frozen the dough for 90 of these babies.)
4. Red and white baker's twine from Etsy to use to sting labels around the jars.
5. Glass bottles for cold milk (and chocolate milk). The little guy's from Ikea (we have 3) and the big one we bought at a grocery store filled with wine (the jug, not the grocery store [jug pic from here]).
6. Scalloped ceramic cake plates from Williams-Sonoma. (I own the small and big one.)
7. Red and white striped fabric from Ikea that I sewed into a table runner (which will go on top of a white table cloth).
8. Brownies . . . giggity giggity. Still looking for the best recipe. Any suggestions? (Pic source)
9. Galvanized tub to hold our refreshing milk (supplied by our venue [pic source])

While we are only have about 100 guests, we want to make sure no guest goes un-cookied, so we're making a ton. Here's where we need your help. We know we want to have about 5 or 6 varieties of cookies. The chocolate chip cookies, brownies and ginger cookies are non-negotiable. But what other kind of cookies does everyone think are "must haves"?

Which cookies should we add to our cookie table list?
A. Mexican wedding cookies (aka Russian tea cookies)
B. Blondies
C. Sugar cookies
D. Oatmeal Scotchies (oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips [and no raisins])
E. Peanut Butter Cookies
F. An option I haven't thought of! Please leave your suggestion in the comments!

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