Friday, May 21, 2010

Manly Man, Meet Girly Girl

The other day, I was sitting around having deep thoughts. And I thought to myself, "Self, why are their gender stereotypes? And why, self, do you and Mr. Self, fall right into those stereotypes?"

And while I had no real answers to those deep questions, it did get me thinking (less deeply, since I didn't want to get a brain-strain too close to the wedding and all). Mr. PC and I really do fall surprising neatly into 'blue' and 'pink' categories:

Exhibit A
: Mr. PC is an engineer and uses microscopes and stuff, whereas I am a nurse (and get to use the awesomely named sphygmomanometer).

Exhibit B: Mr. PC has a great sense of direction, whereas I have none (and thus, need a GPS).

Exhibit C: Mr. PC is much more analytical, whereas I am more emotional (don't look at me funny, I might start crying! Or laughing. Who knows.).

Exhibit D: Mr. PC could eat pizza all day every day, whereas I believe the food pyramid consists of chocolate cake, candy corn, and cookie dough.

Exhibit E: Mr. PC likes video games. A lot. Whereas I like sewing and crafting. (Or one might call it 'attempting to sew and to craft'. [But I call those people downers.])

Do you and your main squeeze fit into gender stereotypes, or any other stereotypes? Or do you break free, run wild and defy any labels?

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