Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Party or Wedding Reception?

With the bright colors that Mr. PC and I chose for our wedding colors, I sometimes wonder if our wedding reception is going to resemble a child's birthday celebration. We're not a fancy schmancy-black tie wearing-coiffed hair (or even blow dried hair)-kind of couple, so we're not adding many (or any) touches like calligraphy or silk table linens that would elegance-up the reception.

Despite this fear, I find myself infatuated with objects that would only exacerbate the kids-party atmosphere. Like non-wedding cakes that I want for our wedding cake. But really, I don't think it's humanly possible (at least not for this human) to resist a cake like this:

My heart. It melts.

And this one! I don't think I want to eat anything else besides this one. Ever. Can we make it with 3 tiers? Please!?

Oh my. This is like the mullet of cakes. Business on the outside and party on the inside. And a mullet never looked so good to my taste buds.

If people saw your reception not knowing it was a wedding, would they know it was a wedding? Or would they think it was something else? A kids party like mine (sans clowns ['cause those guys don't belong at a wedding or near kiddos]? The opening of a candy store (Miss French Fries, perhaps . . .)? A Moroccan festival?

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