Thursday, April 29, 2010

Then & Now: 10 Years Later

Ten years is a long time. It's an entire decade. A tenth of a century. The length of the Friends series. And the approximate amount of time needed for a Twinkie to become stale. It also happens to be how long Mr. PC and I have been together.

Let me take you back. It was 2000, and Mr. PC and I were both high school sophomores. We were in the same Spanish class. He thought I was funny. And I thought his accent was muy caliente (though admittedly, his accent probably left something to be desired, but my teenage hormones were clouding my thinking). We talked. I tossed my hair around, which he liked. He tossed around his PSAT scores, which I liked. One thing led to another, and 3 months and one 6 hour phone call later, we were officially dating.

We've been through a lot together in the last ten years: prom dramas, college admissions, dorm food, a 3 hour time difference while I lived in DC for 16 months, the dissolution of N*Sync, a family divorce, an episode of micturition syncope, and our own development into full fledged adults (well, maybe just 83% adult, but close enough).

When people hear we've been together a decade, they're shocked. Understandably. 10 years is a long time, and a lot has happened since the Pin-ster and I became an item. Let's take a look back, VH1-style, in what we'll call "I Love 2000 and 2010" (because who hasn't spent an entire weekend watching those shows? Oh, you haven't? Yah, me neither. Sheesh, who does that anyway?)

Music Players:
Then: The discman

and now: the iPod

Top News Story of the Year:
Then: Elian Gonzales

and now: Haiti earthquake

Popular Song:

Then: "Who Let the Dog's Out" (Oh, you know you want to listen to it!)

and now
: "Empire State of Mind"

Our President
Then: President Clinton

and now: President Obama


And finally, Mr. and Miss Pin Cushion:

[personal photo, circa a track meet]

and now:

[personal photo]

A lot has happened in the past 10 years. There is less hair tossing now a-days. And his PSAT scores have been replaced by his PhD status. But a lot has stayed the same (like our inability to find someone to take our picture, apparently). We've grown up and grown together. We're the couple we are because of our long history.

How long have you been with your dude or dudette? What life changes have you been through together that have made you the couple you are today?

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