Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Too Late for Me . . .

. . . but perhaps you can have your wedding at McDonald's!

Listening to NPR on a recent commute, I heard a news story that I just had to share with the hive--McDonald's now offers wedding packages for the Big Mac loving bride and groom!

To be honest, it seems like quite a steal. Here is what you get for the low, low price of $400:

1. Ceremony and reception space at the home of the golden arches (though they won't close the restaurant for you [the McNugget addicts need their fix, even if it is your wedding day]).


2. Catering for up to 100 guests. Let the french (fry) kisses and then milk shake dancing commence!

(Source for both)

3. A wedding dress made of twisty balloons (extra charge for lotion caused by the inevitable chaffing).

I'm actually really smitten with the blue dress and the skirt on the red one. (Source)

4. A wedding cake tower made of warm apple pies.

That gent on the right is super pumped! (Source)

5. Plus, they'll provide all your guests with kiddie toys as wedding favors!
(Source for 1, 2, 3)

The package deal really adds up to one sweet (and salty and greasy) deal, don't you think?

Would you ever get married at a fast food joint? Where would you pick?
I think I would go with Wendy's and have a fountain that endlessly flows with chocolate frosty!

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