Monday, September 20, 2010

I Sure Hope We're Married . . .

One of the issues with having my dad officiate the Pin Cushion ceremony was figuring out how to make the marriage legal. Before the wedding, we applied for our marriage license, and my dad applied to be a "Deputy Commissioner of Marriage" for one day.

My dad practicing his officiant duties at our rehearsal

But post-wedding, we were a bit perplexed about the next step. We didn't bring the marriage license to the wedding to sign . . . because we couldn't find it! A few weeks passed, and we kept telling each other we should really find and turn in our marriage license so we could actually be married. I asked my mom in passing if she had seen the license around their house and she nonchalantly said she and my dad had already brought it down to the courtroom for us!

How the license was signed and turned in without my or Mr. Pin Cushion's knowledge is beyond me, but I thought, "Hey, as long as it's done and we're married, I'm happy." Until two weeks later, when we received a letter in the mail telling us that, in fact, we WEREN'T married!

Our lovely letter from the county clerk

Turns out, when my dad was filling out his officiant (aka "Certification of Person Solemnizing Marriage") section, there was a bit of confusion. Here's what went down (seen below in the highlighted area):
1. My dad is not a part of the clergy, so when the form asked for his religious denomination, he put dash marks.
2. He was told he was supposed to put something in that space, so he decided to put "non denominational".
3. Then, under "Official Title", he wrote in "Father."

Not like a Catholic priest father. Since he is definitely not that. But like, my father. Father of the bride. "Dad" is an official title, right?

Mr. Pin Cushion and I filled out an Affidavit to Amend a Marriage Record (since the county didn't like the one my dad filled out) and sent it into the courthouse. It's been a month and we haven't heard anything. We hope that means we filled it out correctly and that we're actually married. Fingers crossed.

How do you find out if you are married? Call the courthouse and ask them, "Can you tell me if I'm married?" (and be prepared to be laughed at)? There must be another way, right?

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